Policy of the company

Policy of the Company

Our development policy for SIENIT has the following priorities:

  • to meet at the most the requirements and the expectations of our clients, which we believe are no less important than the legal requirements;
  • in accordance with our abilities to achieve sustainable economic prosperity to provide us stability in development;
  • We are striving to keep the Bulgarian and European legislation in maintaining good quality of management, according to the applicable standards and good international practices;

Our long-term development strategy is focused on the management and implementation of projects including in the field of construction.

We have accepted as our mission the social responsibility to the people we work with – our employees, are the most important and valuable resource for the company development. Our main concern is to meet their needs by:

  • Effective management of the risks associated with the workplace hazards and preventing incidents and accidents, diseases and life and health threatening factors, not only of our employees but of all others working on the territory and under the control of the Company;
  • By personal example and motivation we create good psychological climate and by promoting good practices of communication and behavior among teams;
  • We provide the resources for appropriate and good working conditions and healthy working environment and microclimate, in accordance with the regulations;
  • Through various forms of training and daily supervision we explain the importance of people to be aware of their responsibilities and obligations in protection of their own health, as well as their colleagues`, at work;

At the same time, being aware of the global threats of environmental pollution, and conscious of the responsibility to the future generations, we will strive to contribute for its preservation:

  • We undertake, through the management and the supervision of processes, which we can influence, to prevent and/or lower potential harmful impact on environment, including pollution resulting from construction and other works;
  • We strive to improve the characteristics of the products and services we provide and and having in mind their life cycle, to create those characteristics that have the lowest harmful impact on the environment,
  • Economically and efficiently to use the natural resources, especially the non-renewable sources of energy, respectively to use more alternative such;
  • We strive to be informed in order to follow strictly the applicable law and other requirements, concerning the environment;
  • By using constant explanations to try to influence the behavior of all our employees and partners in and outside the company, to preservation of the environment;
  • In the implementation of the objectives and the policy set forth we rely on the management system for the processes, that we are committed to provide with the necessary resources and which we accept as the means of achieving progress in our overall development.